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Off The Record | Scott Hull

About Off The Record

What It Is

I’ve often noticed that the conversations that spontaneously erupt in and around my mastering sessions are fascinating. They are not so much tell-alls but really great insight into the hows and whys of making records. It’s the kind of information that used to be handed down from generation to generation. In the past, engineers learned the craft by apprenticing with senior engineers. Today most of the learning is in classroom studios with internet, blogs and textbooks.

What is missing?

Mentoring and Collaboration and that starts here.

I want to bring some of that back to the music making community.

The off the record series is a unique way of learning about the music making / record making process.

We will explore all facets of the music making process. What it means to be in a band, the business of music today, production techniques from before work stations that are still valid today. The storys of the music making process. In fact these sessions will all take on a life of their own. What you are curious about – that is what we will talk about.

What It Isn't

Of the record is not a sales pitch disguised as a workshop. It’s ok to mention favorite gear or setups, but I will ask everyone to refrain from selling or overtly endorsing. Except any one is allowed to say how great I am. HA.. If one of my guests uses a particular piece of gear and want to talk about how to use it, I want you all to know that he or she is not a paid advertiser.

Off the record events will hopefully inspire you towards your own personal greatness. Take the stories and the techniques you have learned and share them with others.

You don’t become great by amassing the most trade secrets. There are almost no trade secrets. Only our ears and our passion for music. In fact you will all learn that even if you could copy the techniques discussed, they would turn out differently for you, as they do for us, every time.

So I suggest that you Listen, Think and Imagine and participate. What would that sound like? How could we make it more fun to record? And who could you share your gift of music with.

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